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Friday, 9 December 2011

Women Winter Long Coats

Women Winter Long Coats
When you take appear at the crowd on the street, you’ll sense what fashion is leading the way. For this winter, Women Winter Long Coat it would totally be the long coats. With various collocations of handbags, shoes and hair styles, they areforming a beautiful winter landscape for everybody.
Let’s clutch some views of the leading fashion constituent.
Thigh-long loose black coat with fur collar:
When the thigh-long black coat is coordinated with a pair of black glove and whiteleggings plus a framed shiny black handbag, the mature feminine sense is given out naturally.
The Bright Yellowish Long Wind Coat:
The bright yellowish long wing coat is the perfect match for the dark clothing onewears inside. It would be too dull if the inside clothing is grayish and the outer coat is grey too. While the yellowish long coat adds a bit of brightness for the cold winter, together with your hair all tied high, the whole outfit is just refreshing and blows thewinter darkness away.
Simple Black Medium Long Coat but Brand New Fashion:
The simple black coat could be worn to show out a brand new fashion too. Look at thegirl in the picture. What she wears is a regular coat that most people have, but fragile collocation gives the girl a different fashion look. This has to be credited to the Russian styled cap, the fresh scarf and the multi-layered army green handbag. So if you own one simple black coat, try something unique to match it and you will get a surprise.

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