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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Got Outstanding Record Of 2011

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Is YouTube's Most Watched Video of 2011

Rebecca Black's infamous Friday  music video was the most watched YouTube video of 2011. That's right, the popular video site recently released their statistics for their Year In Review and discovered Black was their No. 1 biggest hit, garnering 180 million views. Mock the simplistic lyrics all you want, but its catchy beat and overall cheesy demeanor is now officially a viral sensation, putting all other clips to shame.

The 14-year-old singer quickly became an online celebrity after her parents paid a production company, Ark Music Factory, to create the music video for her. The clip was posted to YouTube in February and went viral the following month, receiving both positive and negative feedback from people all over the world. Yes, it was quite the year for Black, who also made a cameo in Katy Perry's music video for Last Friday Night and went on to create two more singles: My Moment  and  Person of Interest.  

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