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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dragon Tattos New Designs

The origin of the word dragon has been traced to a Greek word, "derkein," meaning "sharp-sighted one," which appears to describe a snake, so when it was converted to Latin, the word became "draco". Dragons have always been the topic of fascination and mystery, as well as being a source of wonder, a symbol of hope and purity, and sometime jealousy, miserliness, maleficence and fierce rage.

Dragons have also been known to be notorious riddle-masters, sentinels of sacred shrines, and hoarders of treasures beyond imagining. It is even said that great philosophers would climb the highest mountains peaks or venture into the lowest caverns to seek the sage advice of dragons in secret.
When not out to slay dragons for immortality, like Sigfried, or for the golden apples of great happiness, like Hercules, we lowly mortals live under the ever-vigilant gaze of dragons. Sometimes we reside in the sphere of a dragon's good fortune. And there are those lucky few who actually get to live under the wing of a dragon's protection.
Dragons have even crossed over into the real world. Vikings carved dragon figureheads on the prow of their ships because they believed the dragons would endow keen sight and cunning to the Viking warriors. And in China, emperors think they are the real dragons and the sons of the heaven. They sleep on dragon beds, sit on thrones called the dragon seat, and their ceremonial dress is known as dragon robes.
What a Dragon Tattoo Represents on a Woman
A dragon tattoo on a woman usually acknowledges "woman as the creator." Like the dragons of many mythologies, woman's true body form is that of life, the world and the universe. It is this superior form that allows her to be without equal. Dragon body art also represents a flowing, fluid grace that conceals a reserve of power just beneath the cool surface. Studies have shown that women who get dragon tattoos become more self-confident and assertive.

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